Somewhere in between my path,
aroma of Coffee made me pause,
for all it brought wasn’t
only the flavor of roasted
coffee bean but also
the perfume of memory
of us together in coffee bars!

So I took no more time,
dashed my way to our
cosy Coffee bar and
pushed its heavy mahogany door
to enter into our nostalgia.

My coffee order rested on
the desk and the froth above the latte
was like our small membrane
against the outer world
and all that was inside
was your sugary smile.

Our love brewed
in some dim lit corner
of the shop and your
memories still linger
around the chairs and flower vases.

The sip of hot cappuccino
reminded me of your
warm touch over my shoulders
and the glassy cups stared me
the way you swimmed inside
my hazel eyes.

Time slipped and then
it dawned on to me
this wasn’t my destination.
Unhesitatingly I raised and
secretly promised I’ll bring
you here sooner;
to savour Irish Coffee;
to get lost and wander in
our dreamy world!

©Niranjan B S

Concept Credits: Hareesh Shastry

Image: Unsplash

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