Street Side Philosophy and Tissue Papers…

I once met a
rabbi on the
street of a buzzy market
and all I could hear
him say was
all that comes in
finds its way out.

How she eavesdropped
the rabbi’s words,
I’d never know.
Somewhere a clock chimed
and she decided the time
has come to move on.

A week ago the television
decided to remind me of her
“500 Days of Summer” aired
and the seat next to me was dead cold
and the movie seemed both
eternity and transience
all at the same moment!

On some starry nights
I woke up in the middle of
a sounding sleep
but then discerned
I had bottled all the tears
and feasted them to the ocean.

Now it doesn’t hurt anymore
and a strange resistance has
embraced me and I’m numb
to the goodbyes. But often
I become weary and wish I could
shed my heartful tears.

Do you have any finer ways
to cry out of your heart
when there’s no solid
reasons to cry?
I don’t know!
I’d never want to know!

©Niranjan B S

There might be the days when your heart wished to cry but your eyes did not cooperate!

I wish you don’t have to face the same problems ever again in future. I wish you all the peace your heart deserves.

Image: Unsplash

10 thoughts on “Street Side Philosophy and Tissue Papers…

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  1. Wow👌 loved this! This is true…”There might be the days when your heart wished to cry but your eyes did not cooperate!”


      1. This is really really beautiful ❤️. Loved every word of it. Especially- somewhere the clock chimed and she decided it’s time to move on.
        Also this is so lifelike-cry out your heart when you have no solid reasons to do so.
        Loved the ending too.

        Liked by 1 person

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