Heart of the Poem!

They say some
Poems are best
when hidden in the heart
So they can be kept
warm, green and alive
And they last till you
breathe your last breath.

Some poems
with crypted meanings,
red herrings to throw
you off the scent
are also best
when read!
The poets can often
turn cynic and their craving
can never be swayed
by the crowd which
pleases them.

And then there are
poets like me
who break themselves
only to scribble
poems that sprout
in their sooty heart.
Poems aren’t
our torches in the dark;
but the labyrinth we
elobarately devise
so that our lifetime
is wasted on solving it!

Poems are few
drunkards’ solvation,
hermits’ meditation,
trainees’ education,
torpids’ procrastination,
phobics’ oblivion
and our wonderful
gloomy dungeon!

©Niranjan B S

This poem was intended to be on the “poem” but as I finished it, I realised “poem” can be a metaphor!

What to do you think!?


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